The Christian Hard Rock Insider

  • Hello, and welcome to my blog. Back then, I was into Chevelle, Seether, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Staind, Puddle Of Mudd, Green Day, Limp Bizkit, Sevendust, Korn, Creed, Alter Bridge, Trapt, Nine Inch Nails, and many others. I  digged their great guitar but their lyrics gave me a weird feeling. I realized I needed to change. So I went to the Christian side. Their are some great christian hard rock bands. I thought maybe I could share these bands with you. I hope you like them :). My favorite genres are alternative metal, hard rock(obviously), nu metal, hard rock mixed with rap, heavy metal(bands similar to AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Megadeth, any others. I don’t like too much screaming like the bands Norma Jean & Underoath, but I mainly dig the guitar with good sounding lyrics), and hardcore. Here’s a list of bands I know and want to share with you :).

12 Stones- These guys have a similar tone to bands like Creed, Staind, & more.

7eventh Time Down- I thought these guy would be a pop group. But I was wrong. These guy really do a good job with their guitar.

Anberlin- They can be mellow sometimes but they have great guitars and nice vocals.

Ashes Remain- These guys hit it with their guitar. Great vocals too.

Beanbag- Very tech-hard rock guitar. These guys were the Australian tech-rock group.

Bride- This band takes me back when I really liked Guns N’ Roses. Their guitar is great. Good vocals too.

Blindside- This is the Sweden christian hard rock group. Their guitar really takes a step with nice vocals

CR33- These guy had a pretty similar version to Rage Against The Machine. Good guitar though.

Crash Rickshaw- Pretty good with guitar & great vocals

Close Your Eyes- When it come to Punk Rock, these guys hit it well. Punk like guitar with good vocals.

Cord of 3- Did their guitar to the limits. Their vocals show it too.

Disciple- Always pleased me with all their albums. Their guitar is like a combination of several hard rock bands. Way to go :).

Decyfer Down- These guys never disappoint. Only with their latest album though. Their guitar is great with nice vocals

Dead Poetic- New Medicines has always been my favorite. Their guitar shows it with good vocals

Day Of Fire- Full Devil Jacket’s Josh Brown has always brung post-grunge to a new level. Great guitar with nice vocals. Unfortunately, he might have went back. But, his 3 albums are great.

Demon Hunter- When it comes to metal, these guys never disappoint. Killer metal guitar riffs. These guys can bring the metal hard

Deliverance- Like Metallica? Get these guys. Their style is fantastic. Has that great thrash and Metallica like vocals

Every Day Life- These guys are technical Rage Against The Machine guys. Like Rage? Get these guys.

Embers In Ashes- This is the more melodic version to Red. Awesome guitar with great vocals.

Fades Away- my favorite song by them is Perceptions. These guys bring heavy guitar with good vocals

Forevertree- The Alice In Chain guys. Their album Turning totally show the Alice In Chains style. They’ve got more heavy with their guitar lately. I would totally recommend for anyone who likes Alice In Chains or someone who like heavy guitar.

Fighting Instinct- The singer for this band is now in Decyfer Down. But, their Fighting Instinct album is wonderful.

Hangnail- These guy put the punk in pop punk. I would totally recommend for anyone who likes Blink-182.

Hymns Of Eden- Their song All I Need never stops playing in my head. These guys are like another version of Nine Lashes.

Jonah33- These guys are wonderful. Their guitar is fantastic and their vocals are great.

Justifide- These guys are great. Too bad they only made two albums :(. But, their albums are wonderful. Great guitar & good vocals.

Kutless- If you like mellow hard rock or worship, these guys bring it to you. Great hard rock similar to Incubus, 10 Years, & Staind.

Love And Death- Brian ”Head” Welch’s phenomenal work is from these guys. He took KoRn to the max. Awesome guitar.

Moderndayjohn- I found these guys not so long ago. They bring sorta Saliva-sounding with amazing guitar riffs.

Manafest- Manafest is great for people who like rap-rock or just plain rap. He puts rap like a jigsaw puzzle. Great work, Manafest.

Nine Lashes- These guys bring mellow to amazing hard rock guitar styles. Their albums never disappoint. Great guitar riffs.

Nailpoint- The only album I found from these guys were Falling To Pieces. Awesome guitar with nice vocals. This album is wonderful.

Pillar- From rap-rock to hard rock style, Pillar does it. Fantastic guitar riffs with good vocals.

P.O.D.- When it comes to reggae to wonderful hard rock, P.O.D. shows it in a amazing way. Satellite never disappoints. Great work, P.O.D.

Pax217- a very nice version 311. Great guitar with nice vocals :).

Red- From old to new, Red never fails. Of Beauty & Rage might be soft but they have the hard rock in a couple of their songs. Nice work, Red :).

Sacred- Love Tool? Get these guys. Ashes To Ascension never makes me angry. The Tool guitar with the Chevelle vocals.

Staynlis- These guys do their best. A Creed & Staind like combination. Great guitar with nice vocals.

Skillet- From tech to grunge to rock to mellow to hard rock, Skillet does it all. Their style to me is very unique. Awesome guitar with good vocals.

Showbread- These guys are, to me, similar to Foo Fighters. Very good guitar with foo fighters similar vocals.

Switchfoot- These guys do their best. Great guitar with nice vocals. Good work, Switchfoot.

Stavesacre- These guys can be some what similar to Tool, but to me they have their own great style.

Sent By Ravens- I can’t stop listening to We’re All Liars. Wonderful guitar with good vocals.

Seventh Seal- To me, it’s like Evans Blue & Disturbed at the same time. hard guitar riffs with some what similar vocals to Evans Blue & Disturbed.

Staple- Very hard guitar style. These guys do their best with their great guitar style.

Seventh Day Slumber- Rojas does his great in Seventh Day Slumber. Great guitar with very nice vocals.

Subseven- These did great in their album Free To Conquer. Awesome guitar with very good vocals.

Since October- These guys do hard rock with post-grunge in a fantastic way. They do it well too.

Thousand Foot Krutch- Trevor does rap-rock to hard rock like nobody’s business. Outstanding guitar with awesome vocals

We As Human- Thanks to John Cooper, We As Human is a band. These guys do a great job with putting killer guitar riffs with nice vocals.

Write This Down- Very nice guitar work with nice vocals. Write This Down does a killer job with their guitar.

Well, that’s all the bands i know so far. if you got any, please tell me. Thanks